What actually is photorealistic CGI?

//What actually is photorealistic CGI?

What actually is photorealistic CGI?

In the context of the work we carry our for our clients, we use the word ‘photorealistic’ to explain that the images we make are of such a high quality, that they can be mistaken for actual photos.

image of a bowl of M&Ms sweets made on a computer using cgi softwareTake this image on the right for example, if this wasn’t on our website, if you found it in a magazine or on Facebook, you may believe it’s actually a bowl of sweets in front of you, rather than an image made on a computer from scratch!

Photorealism is also a painting style known for the painstaking detail and precision, whereby artists and graphic designers replicate a real form on paper to represent a photographic quality. It was especially popular in the late 60s and early 70s in the UK and America.

But let’s get back to the main question, and the next part is CGI. Chances are you’ve heard all about CGI images from the movies, and you’ll probably know it stands for Computer Generated Image and it’s the application of computer graphics in 2D (static) or 3D (dynamic) to create or contribute to images, videos and printed materials.

Yes, you’re right, it’s what they used to make King Kong appear over a New York skyline, and when huge explosions happen, but for us it’s a little less dramatic than that, we make photorealistic CGI images for businesses, to help them to sell their products or explain their services.

On a final note, sometimes we’re asked ‘how does CAD differ from CGI?’ and that’s pretty simple to explain. CAD is used in manufacturing industry, it’s the software used by computers to improve the quality of a design or optimise the output of a product being manufactured. CAD certainly has more tangible outcomes as a result. Put simply CAD stands for Computer Aided Design and CGI stands for Computer Generated Images.

If you would like to discuss photorealistic CGI for your business, please contact us for a quote or call 01509 27 61 61.

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