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We have extensive in-house knowledge and expertise to create high quality 3D furniture models. Built from reference images, engineering drawings or physical products we are able to produce high quality 3D models in both low and high poly form.


Furniture Configurators

The use of CGI as a tool to creative furniture configurators is unrivalled. Once the 3D data is prepared we can quickly and cost effectively produce the CG assets required in order to create the full configuration experience. If additional configurable options are launched at a later date, the new data can be prepared, imported and rendered without heavy costs. No longer are expensive pre-production prototypes needed for the pre-launch market drive. CGI delivers photorealistic marketing assets long before the final product is ready.

3D Scanning

Using our in-house 3D scanner we can accurately capture the food’s geometry and create highly accurate texture maps. The image revealer shows the ‘clay’ 3D base model.