Our CSR manifesto

//Our CSR manifesto

Our CSR manifesto

Dandelion seeds with a blue sky to depict the csr manifesto for d cube designAt D Cube Design, we take CSR (corporate and social responsibility) seriously. We’re a forward thinking team of people who want to know that the decisions we make as a firm have a positive impact on our customers, our staff and the environment we all live in.

As we’re an office-based business working on the production of photorealistic CGI images, we don’t sell a product that comes wrapped in plastic, or have delivery drivers driving miles and miles around the country, so we’ve been looking into the steps that we can take, as a virtual business with customers around the world, to make lots of little differences.

We’ve set out the following intentions for 2018

We want to:

  • Encourage and empower local design Students.
  • Be kind to the environment.
  • Think twice about landfill.
  • Save energy.
  • Choose suppliers who carry green credentials.
  • Offer healthy food and drinks for our team.
  • Give back to our community.
  • Champion other local independent businesses.

De Montfort University logo - white background, black font and red lionEducating the next generation:

In 2018 it is our aim to team up with De Montfort University in Leicester, to offer Student Mentoring on employability advice, industry knowledge and a chance to see what life is like in a business after graduating. We would also like to be in a position to offer work placements to final year design students.

In the office:

We’d like to think we’re a paperless office, but that’s never going to be 100% realistic. Saying that, we will install a recycling bin for waste paper.  Reducing business mileage is win-win, financially as a business and for the environment, so we’ll swap some meetings for Skype or Zoom video conference calls.

By the end of 2018, all batteries used in our office will be rechargeable.  Computers are switched off at night, whenever possible, and we’ll take that one step further and ask that monitors are switched off when the user is away from their desk, for example when taking a lunch break. Finally, we will endeavour to look for suppliers of products and services who carry similar ethical practices to our own.


Charity of the month:

The logo for leicester air ambulance with yellow black and grey brandingIt’s important to us to make regular donations to charity. So we will choose someone from our email database each month, and ask them which UK-based registered charity we can donate £50 to on their behalf.

As we missed January, we’ll make a payment of £50 to the Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance to start the year off on the right foot.

Championing independent businesses in Leicestershire:

Where we can, we’ll be championing other Leicestershire-based businesses who compliment the photorealistic CGI design services that we offer. We’ll interview these independent businesses and publish them onto our news page so you can learn more about the products and services they offer.

If you’d like to ask us any questions about our CSR plan, or if you’re a local business who would like to feature on our Q&A, please contact us today.

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