7 questions to ask a CGI studio before you brief a project

//7 questions to ask a CGI studio before you brief a project

7 questions to ask a CGI studio before you brief a project

A desk with a laptop, plant, notebooks and business chartIf you are choosing a Photorealistic CGI studio to make computer generated images for your business, finding the right person or team you want to work with is like finding an Accountant, or a Website Designer. No doubt you will have a list of a few firms you want to speak to, and ask them similar questions to understand how they compare. We would do exactly the same!

So we thought we’d help you out in that department. We’ve made a list of questions you can ask us and other firms on your list, to understand who is going to fit your needs in the best way possible.

  1. Do they specialise in your industry sector? Complex and detailed images may be suited to some CGI studios over others. Some studios may focus on niche services, such as packaging design, interiors or landscaping for example. At D Cube Design we have quite a range of specialist designers and we cater for 360 degree rotating models, animations, architectural drawings (artists impressions), automotive, interior design, product images and packaging. We also work with Estate Agents to help them sell houses quicker.
  2. Do they have a portfolio on their website? You want to get a feel for the quality of work they have produced historically in a flash. We’ve created this page of CGI images for you to browse.
  3. three people sat at a desk with 2 people shaking hands. At the desk there's a laptop and paperwork.Are they a reputable company? As in any industry, there are rogue businesses who can take money up front and not deliver the goods. At D Cube Design, we invite you to meet us face-to-face at the Leicester based studio or in your own offices. If you are further away, or not in the UK that’s fine, a Skype call can put you at ease to know you’re dealing with real people who are passionate about doing a great job for you. Throughout a project, we believe it’s important to keep in touch regularly to ensure everything is on track.
  4. Are they listed on an independent review website? It’s important to get feedback from real customers about their experiences with the CGI studio. D Cube Design is listed on Trust Pilot, where you can read what other customers have said.
  5. Where are they based? This is a question we’re asked a lot, and due to the nature of the business, it’s actually irrelevant! For example, if your business is in London and the CGI Studio is based in the Midlands, the distance is not a challenge, in fact it can be a great way to save budget, as our office overheads are naturally cheaper in Leicester than London.
  6. When can they fit in the work? Before going ahead, discuss when the designers can fit in the work, so you’re not on a waiting list.
  7. How much do you charge will be one of the most important questions you’re going to ask. CGI studios can charge by project, on a day rate or by a set of completed renders/images. If you’re interested in our cost structure, please get in touch.

If we can be of assistance with any further questions, please call D Cube Design on 01509 27 61 61 or email enquiries@dcubedesign.co.uk

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