5 Reasons you should consider using CGI for Interior Design

//5 Reasons you should consider using CGI for Interior Design

5 Reasons you should consider using CGI for Interior Design

There have been lots of advancement in 3D modelling and rendering over the last few years and getting an interior 3D visualisation created is now significantly cheaper. This has opened up the doors for interior designers to adopt and adapt to this new advancement in technology.

3D visualisations can be a highly persuasive way to depict the finished product before construction works have even begun. There are numerous reasons why digital imagery plays an increasingly important role in the interior design and residential development process.

As well as assisting the architect, interior designers and clients to make more informed decisions at an earlier stage in the design process, they can also be critical to the planning process. This is due to the power CGI has to communicate ideas and demonstrate a design concept.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider using CGI for interior design:

An example of rendering of an internal space from D Cube Design.


Photography is limited to purely what is front of the camera and whilst ok for initial concepts, hand drawings never fully communicate the space. With CGI, we can stage your designs in an unlimited amount of ways without having to physically do so in reality. So, if a client isn’t too fond of a design choice, a fix takes only a few minutes to ensure their satisfaction. There is no end to the ways you can change and manipulate the space. Investing in a good quality render could enable your project with absolute flexibility in both design and deliverance.


With the introduction of CGI, we also introduce reduced costs associated with almost every major task in the pipeline. Save time and money by getting from concepts to finalization. 3D images enable you to get that approval faster, speeding up your pipeline and your turnaround rate. It can be risky spending all that time on sourcing new materials before you have had absolute signoff on that space. Using CGI will give the chance to try out as many different layouts with as many different materials as you like before you have to actually purchase them.


Staying on top of the latest technology at your disposal ensures that you keep ahead of your competitors. With the evolution of visual technology rapidly increasing, we’re seeing the introduction of new technology that could prove to be indispensable tools in the interior designer’s arsenal in the future. Virtual Reality is a good example of this; not only can your clients see your design prior, but they can also experience it. Nothing compares to placing your clients in a virtual environment that allows them to experience the design you’ve created for them. They can get a sense of mood, but also dimension and functionality amongst a whole host of other things.


As your clients will be able to view your designs from anywhere in the world, you’re able to target a far broader and remote audience. In what has been a predominantly hands-on field, you can now move away from that necessity. Allowing your clients to view and experience your designs in real-time, means less frequent need to be physically present for every aspect. Communication with a client out of reach becomes much easier when you introduce visualizations that are easy to comprehend and digest.


With 3D renderings, it becomes a nearly effortless task for the designer to propose different scenarios for the client. This enables not only the possibility for an upsell but also the ability to give your clients lots of different options. Laying out multiple options and allowing your client to decide what they like best is a near perfect recipe for success!

3D renderings can be an indispensable tool in your design arsenal provided you use an experienced company who will provide a quality end product. We might just know of such a company….

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